Monday, 18 October 2010

Alphabet Soup . . . . . Typeface Progress Crit

One week 
One week to go....
Sarah Roberts .......... creating a typeface for Oliver Cassell

After having my crit with Amber and a group of about 5, this is what i learnt:

I talked about my work and ran through the process I had undertaken. I explained what i wanted my typeface to reflect and how i wanted it to come across. I showed them all of my experimentation and they commented on what worked well and which areas they would improve on.
They told me to study further into the idea about creating a typeface out of squares to reflect structure and confidence. I will try and shy away from using the Hacienda too much. 

From this I will carry on my exploration in this area, representing Oli through the outline and inward patterns, if this does not over complicate my type.

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