Friday, 17 December 2010

What if.... Brief

Brief Title
What if...

The Brief

What if a group of graphic design students get together, and decide to solve a problem?

Based on your common interests, research and knowledge, you must establish a “problem” that affects some sector of the general public in Leeds.

You must develop logical, original and adventurous research lines of enquiry in order to justify the relevance of the “problem “ which should inform a range of solutions.

The solution(s) must be resolved, designed and presented in the public domain and recorded appropriately.
ConsiderationsThis is a collaborative process so you must ensure as part of this you discuss, agree and share all responsibilities.

The research process should be gradual and provide the foundation for ideas and challenges, which eventually will inform the solution. It isn’t possible to conclude the brief and then fill in the research gaps afterwards.

This is effectively a live brief so please be considerate, respectful and legal in your activities.


Compelling fact based evidence should be presented to prove that the problem you are address is a genuine problem.

A photographic record of the solution to the problem as presented in the public domain. 

Appropriate supporting work, worksheet, notebooks etc…

Studio Brief Deadline

Concept Presentation
Friday 3rd December 1.30pm

Final Crit
Friday 10th December 10.00am

Working in a group with Lewis, Oli, Sarah, Mitch and Eddie we decided to solve the problem of the amount of Litter produced during Leeds Festival each year. 

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