Monday, 28 March 2011

Communication as a Virus


Group Feedback

Members of Group Nine.
Luis (me)

Feedback from Group Eight.

We thought that your response answered the brief, and was effectively executed, and there is evidence to show that people turned up for the event.

We thought that the concept was clearly defined, and was kept throughout.

We thought that the context was also defined, and the idea worked, it had a sense of humour as you wanted it to, and the idea was kept up throughout.

The method of delivery was clearly defined and it was good how you used different formats.

We thought it was a more of a con than a lie as the small print is actually there, but it answered the task as was one of the most convincing ideas.

Lots of research on advertising, with small print as main focus. Research backs up idea.

There isn't much writing on your blogs, would have been good to evalaute progress as you went along, and to explain images, when you have time to do this.

Your concept doesn't have a limit, so you can go further with it if you want, by telling different lies, and maybe taking it outside college, now that you know that it works.

You could try moving the small print into different places like the clever wording of the free beer sign. Make people think its really clever as they don't notice the small print. (we didn't know which blog the examples of this are on?)

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