Thursday, 19 January 2012

Enterprise Group

In a group with Eddie, Chris, Matt and Sophie.

But today Fred told us groups of FIVE can't exist, so we lost EDDIE.
A sad day... by enterprise must go on.

Slogan's 25 possibilities:

1. "Live by the press"
2. "The highest grade of printed design"
3. "The artisan print retailers"
4. "Print to impress"
5. "Printing is believing"
6. "The secret society of printed designers"
7. "Press, print, repeat"
8. "Eat, sleep, live, print"
9. "A passion for print"
10. "Home of the printing professional"
11. "We think in print"
12. "Print, fold, bind repeat"
13. "The home of the rpinting professional"
14. "The place for print'
15. "Print is what we do"
16. ""The libary of the printed design"
17. "The libary for local designers"
18. "A different kind of stock"
19. "Print design with an artists process"
20. "High class design for high class designers"
21. "The first in the printed word"
22. "Contemporary design for traditional print"
23. "The printed professionals"
24. "The print people"
25. "The professional print practitioners"

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