Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A business with HM Revenue Customs.


. National Insurance number
. All the contact information for the Buisness
Your ten-digit Unique Taxpayer Reference number if you have previously completed a Self Assessment return. You’ll find this on letters or forms sent by HMRC about your tax return.

need to know the:
. name or partnership
. partnership contact info
. trading name and address.
. nature of buisiness,  for example, plumbers, investment business, electrical engineers.
. when the buisness comenced
. Partnership type: 
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Limited liability is a concept whereby a person's financial liability is limited to a fixed sum, most commonly the value of a person's investment in a company or partnership with limited liability.
Limited partnership (LP)  pool the money of investors to develop or purchase income-producing properties. When the partnership subsequently receives income from these properties, it distributes the income to its investors as dividend payments.
. If your partnership is LLP or LP you must 
Company Registration Number. name of nominated partner, corristondance address of partnership.

But WE ARE JUST A PARTNERSHIP, because it is low cost and simple to up and the best structure for our buisisnes.

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