Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Screen printing Equipment

Types of emulsion

SO BASICALLY screen printing in total will cost

A light box can be hand made at the cost of 4 pieces of wood, long UV light bulbs, and a piece of glass big enough.

Political - there are no political implications with using a Screen printing mechines. Only in the fact of maybe trading policies, but in no way is a screen printing physility a issue. 

Economical - obviously this is possitive, the original owners will gain buy recieving money and a profit. Our compny will gain as well will make produce that we will sell tomake a profit and potentially our customers could pay use out machines and make a profit on the work they produce. As long as we have a steady supply of emulsion of the screens there will be no issue with production. Book klub will just have to invest the £3750.00 into the machinary and will steadily be paid back in income. 

Social - adding extra pluses to our buisiness by creating a broader reach. The only possible issue could be the damage of emulsion in the form of the chemical ingredients, but since the make is the most in-demand I see no issue.

Technology - Not really any new technology, just making sure mantainece is done. 

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