Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Colors magazine / Fabrica / Verona, Italy / T3

This is defiantly one of my favourite magazine around the content and exhibition is brilliant. Each issue has a different theme and gathers content from all over the world.

The magazine setup even confuses me, basically it is not made by one agency, or well it is I suppose, FABRICA is the company that put it all together. But all the content is sources for individual people who work for Fabrica or who are freelance. So all the subject matter, all the photographs, design work (apart from layout) is not made by Fabrica in one office. These freelance people are from all over the world, so appeal regularly, some are one-offs. This is why the magazine is always fresh and full of information.
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With such a massive staff force and one that is ever changing, each issue can be as fresh and new at the first one. The amount of information in each issue is insane, a specialist in each subject is displaced on each page, for example above a article about floating coffins in the shape of tropical fish.
The design is always fresh.
The look of the magazine is aimed to help readers understand the subject, there are always diagrams and info-graphics along side block text.
The magazine is also in different languages which means it is accessible to lots of different countries and audiences. Such a massive audience ensures the issue will always sell and do well.
I feel it is such a individual magazine, well worth the money. Each issue on a different subject.

I don't see this as a weakness more as a plus, but because it is always changing, it could evolve into something that doesn't interest some of its existing audience.
I think it's a weakness for designers as well because it is so good, it will have a lot of interest, but not many solid secure jobs are available. This is like a double edged sword, it is good because a lot of people make it, but this means there are no steady jobs.

Everyone that contributes has the opportunity to be seen and get more work through it.
It's a fun process to be involved in.
If you work for Fabrica it is a company that is clearly open to change, which is always a plus.

It could change too much for fans / clients to feel safe with.

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