Monday, 12 March 2012

D&AD talk

Designing digital
As Group Creative Director at LBi, Laura Jordan-Bambach brings together an experimental and innovative use of technological advances and a deep understanding of the functionality and direction of online media.
Didgital is not about technology anymore, it is about a way of thinking.
The best answer to a brief has gone beyond excicution
It;s about:
being useful
about starting something, but not being so presious.
it's not about building a sandcastle- creating a friendship
creatives working with a media planner, events, ideas, earning brand space

Stefan the Swopper
its about making time to taking time. . . and going where your audience is

its about emergent power and social equity: look beyond the label. really encoraging people to invest themselves in a brand in a much more way.
clients are part of your brand.
we are social. Absolut Kindness. Hash tag.

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