Monday, 12 March 2012

LOVE creative / Manchester / T3

watch this what?

A real variation of fun work. 
Creating a large following, with a humorous feel.
A massive company though...

Love is such a massive company, they believe that ideas + challenging convention + having fun = LOVE and their ethos.

A big business, there is defiantly job security. There must also be a big budget for design as their clinets are pretty big, which means a large commercial base.  
They have a quirky feel about them

So massive that you can find it hard to find your feet. I feel at the moment I would feel out of place in a big studio, I would feel a bit left out. But this is just me. 
Although they do corporate work (this isn't my favourite), they rebel against it by creating humour and pushing the design to the next level.

Having big budgets means you can propose massive things, the limit seems endless and within this mass amounts of money can lead to creative problem solving, which is what LOVE has.

Being such a large studio could mean the relationship between client and studio is too distant, but they seem to have it sorted. 

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