Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Box-head* / Leeds T3



We are an independent design studio working with businesses, individuals and organisations who want to better communicate their brand.

Address: Workspace 4, Greenhouse, Beeston Rd, Leeds, LS11 8ND
Tel: +44 (0)113 331 4727
Email: hello@box-head.co.uk

Quite a large agency in the centre of a city, so they have the pros and cons of botha  large and small business.
The design is tailored to the client and looks professional.

As there is hardly any information on their website it's hard to find weaknesses, I'd say that them. I found it hard to see what sort of work ethos they have. There work looks great, but they don't describe anything about the staff or any morals.

As a branding agency they are successful, being in the centre of town will open up a lot of opportunities for them.

Other companies.

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