Monday, 28 May 2012

Trying a new brand / T5

I have a few worries about using a serif type for my business card and branding, I feel that I don't want to associated as a girl. I want to be neutral. For this I feel the best thing would be to use simple type. I think because I have applied so many different ideas towards me simple is the best, as long as it looks professional. I always try and over complicate things.

FONTS: I was thinking about font ans because I want to change my colour scheme to bright colours because my type will be very simple. I want to use a standard type. I want it to be a sans serif. Thinking about helvetica, but I'm not too sure. I love Gill sans, but it is not the feel I want to give my brand. So I thought Futura. Below is Futura-book. I love this font, so why not use it. 

 Double sided VS single sided?

Think now I'm leaning towards single with a bright coloured stock spray mounted to.

I've picked the one with the orange colour.

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