Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Personal promotion Oct 2012

Original idea: 
This was the screen print or partly screen print a A5 booklet showing my skills in type and layout. This particular mock-up below is a double sided A4 piece of paper folding into a small booklet, very photographic heavy showing a selection of my current porfolio. letter are next to each section of photographs which is linked to a key showing the titles of that project.
Each a4 page is viewed together not as a A5 single spread. 

On the inside (2nd image) there would be in a5 landscape double sided print. The front would have simple type explaining my practice and the work I create. Inside (double page spread) would be blank (if the stock was not white and had thick grain) or a repeat pattern (if the stock was white) this would be a place to store one of my business cards. The last side would be a quote about hard work, to make the reader think. This would either be bound with a Japanese whole punch to show my bookbinding skills, or a paper clip to resemble paper work.

Screen printing mock-up:
However, I thought this had to many parts, it would be good as a mail out, but not as a eye catching piece on a wall. So I changed my mind and made a double sided A3. I wanted to use full screen printing to show my craft element to the working process, I also think this adds value to my design and a limited sentimental factor. The A3 side is photographic selection of my online portfolio. The other size is viewed as a fold out booklet with the same information as the previous mock-up booklet above. I also designed business card to be inver screen printed so I can blend colours and marble the ink too, creating many unique outcomes.

Digitally printed version:
Once again my ides changed due to time restrains on drop-in times available, due to college cut backs. I have exposed my screen and finally managed to get the photographs so the pixels and grains of the frame did not create the gauge effect (this adds unwanted links to your printed image and looses detail). I ran out of time to screen print so digital is my immediate outcome (see below).

Screen printing:
Luckily Fred session at 1pm only lasted 30min, So I managed to print until 4pm. I just need to finish by printed the text onto the A3 side. I also need to print more business cards. 
So today I printed on: newspaper print, double sided newspaper print, and antique white.
I printed all the text and background to the quote "A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood"in a smokey grey. The images a duo-printed a gradient of fluorescent green and fluorescent orange, which I feel to too bright and 'Hipster' even though I did add alot of white and other acrylic. I also printed a version with duo-tone gradient of purple and fluorescent pink which I feel blended a lot better. However I think used pink and purple is too female for a mail out. I will continue to experiment hopefully on Wed and Thurs drop in at 3pm-6pm. 

Screen-printing is a skills I want to develop and keep on top of. It is a bit of a time burden, but creatives that I have met have always appreciated screen print and I feel it adds more tools to my portfolio. But mainly I just think it is really fun. 

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