Tuesday, 9 October 2012

PPD session one

5 things you know now that you didn't know before Summer?
. I should and need to have confidence in my work and abilities.
. I'm still learning, so I will be slower and more rustley than other designers.
. I should focus on learning new skills
. I would like to start designing with a clear concept in my mind instead of bumbling around messing with software.
. I need to be more organised and on task.

5 things you would address differently than you did in Summer?
. Time management on projects, more time experimenting, less time extensively researching
. Not be ill
. Relax more, do not stress before you need to.
. Leave things to the last minute
. Focus more on improving my skill-set.

5 specific things you will address this Semester, that should be useful?

. Relax more, have fun.
. Learn how to plan time better so I can go out and have fun, but also create really good work.
. Be in Uni more, working a lot of hours of the day
. If I am at home working, shut my bedroom door, so no one will interrupt me.

. Prioratise

5 things you feel we could address as a group?
What are my options after university
How much to charge for design?
. How to set up freelance?
. What is a legally binding contract and how do you make one?
. Other design students form other universities, what do they do?

5 things you feel we have not looked at in PPD you personally would like to know more about with reference to professionalism?
. How to create lasting relations with studios in the UK in aims of getting a job.
. How to get hired?
. How to create a relationship with studios and freelancers in other countries, without ever meeting.

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