Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Portfolio Surgeries

I got two
A idea inspired by the Gypsy Hobo symbols I created whilst at Box-head* placement. Using the symbols to inspire a upper caps thin typeface to use for the whole identity.

Aidan Nolan
I signed up to Aidan Nolan because I liked his simple design approach, Amber told me that he is ethically driven which is a interest to me.
Always nice to open up with personal work. 
1 work must be personal and sets the tone
Design that was self initiated and you can talk about a lot
Do not speak too quick, the professional should determine the pace
2 pages when appropriate, but must use a consistant format
Print is not everything it is good to show the use of mixing web with branding, and show you can design for web.
Would suggest a open page with information about my practice on
Sending versions to professionals must be under 10MB and aplicable.

Ben Haworth: The Beautiful Meme
I have a placement planned for Easter with Beautiful Meme, I love their work. 
Graduate Show: not as strong, weakest work
Too much images on a page, and they are too small
Little bit too long: less images. No images smaller than 30mm
Must have a visual huck - a visual journey
At the moment my portfolio is not fresh - get better images and show off info.
Imbalance is to controversial. don't use
Focus on strong elements of the projects and ditch the rest
Hierarchy of viewing, you should not be looking around to find the images
Simple is better
Think, what is the key things to put across: start with the layout in word then think about images later
Headline things
Must be confident with presenting
Less writing
Advertise myself more, less about showing everything. Must be more bite size, fun and exciting 
Mix it up. 

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