Thursday, 17 January 2013

Portfolio Week

We have a Portfolio week: 28th-1st Jan with professionals
Over Summer 2012 I used a A4 portfolio with all of my recent design work in it. Below are all the images. I've realised I've completely let the PPD side of my practice slip. I have been in a placement with Box-head from most of last term, but I haven't spoken to another design studio, all my eggs in one basket!

Fred sent us a link to buy a A3 portfolio that pretty much every uses in my year. £60 later...I'm poor but 24hrs later I have a leather portfolio. It's professional and smart. From meeting studios before I know that they all have their own opinion anyway. 
I understand that a lot of students have the same portfolio style, but that is because we do not have time to create a whole book with our work neatly stuck into. The format of these are quick and easy. In the end I think the design work should speak for itself.
I have designed and printed my portfolio ready for next week. I have a print slot next Wed so I'm going to re-print my old re-cylce brief and redesign it again.... if I still have the files. This was one of my favourite brief but the pictures are poor. I need all my design to be photographed in the same way on the same background.
Here's my portfolio... what I printed with James.

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