Saturday, 19 January 2013

Research on Designers Branding

Branding of Designer I like
I'm designing my own business card tomorrow, as mine are horrible / non existant at the moment. So here are some designers branding that I liked. At the moment I am unsure about just using a font or whether to have a logo, or just to use initials. 
I know what I want my new buisnes card to look like, I am going to use a plan colour and either de-boss or emboss a logo / or name onto the color side, then I will screen print my info on the back. 
Séarlait also wants some sort of embossing or de bossing business cards.
Full Self Promotion
Agency Self Promo 2012
I like the identity, but more the range of outcomes, a great array of products, and on top a very clever kit of self promotion, very well done.

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