Friday, 8 February 2013

Portfolio Crit at Box-head*

Feedback from David, Matt and Giles
Have a contents page: a way of navigating to portfolio to show what design work is in the portfolio. How to navigate the portfolio: use icons of colours to show what skills are used within each project.
Show the gird of the portfolio in the back.
Must be constant flow of work, in the right oder. Start with 2nd to best project and end on the best.
Can go over 2 spreads if you have too much to say.
As a student it is noce to see progression of design, but as a professional you need to have all above medico work.
Must make everything intentional and obvious. Lay everything out so it is easy to see what was involved within the project.
Make the margins bigger at the bottom of the page and make the text columns contestant throughout, so all writing is in the same place.
Think about what designer you are and include projects that reflect that.
Specific pages:
Taxidermy: make the info on the right smaller and maybe break the grid on the top right of the page (taking away white space but not too much). Show the grid of the publication and explain in screen shots of the Digital version why everything is how it is. Explain the reasoning behind layout and image choices. 
Native American Zine: too structured. Whereas ...
MHG has a nice structure but not too formal, it follows better. Use a different mac (not another laptop)
Last page: have the gris structure and layout of the portfolio to show how precise your decisions are.
Find a way for your portfolio to stand out.
I Still love Box-head*  A LOT.

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