Saturday, 9 March 2013

1. Physical Work
By next Tuesday (12th of March)  you need to provide us with physical / printed work, labelled with your name and title of the project. (in a folder)
For 3D / packaging work please use a shoe box or appropriate method of separating and labelling your work.
It can include more than one project if you think they will photograph well with one another. e.g. 3 publications...

We will have a sheet so we know exactly who has given us what and we can tick you off when we have it.
(saves hassle for both parties)

2. Revised Statement
25-50 words about yourself...
whether this is about you personally or your approach to design is up to you.
We want something that tells your future employers about you!
Please check for grammar and spelling as we will not be rewriting for you.

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