Saturday, 25 May 2013

You will need to submit:

A project file containing your module submission form, statement of intent, summative evaluation, briefs and any evidence of project/time management etc.

Products and presentation boards (3-5 per brief) for 5 briefs that, in your opinion represent the bets work, most significant/successful briefs that you have resolved during the FMP module. Each response should be supported by a copy of the brief and be clearly labeled with your name, module code/title, brief number and number of presentation boards.

Your response to the Design Context studio brief clearly labeled/identified with your name, module code/title and brief title.

Your FMP blog should be fully up to date with evidence of the proposal, research, development, resolution and presentation of all briefs produced as part of your FMP.

All briefs should be presented with pdf presentation boards on your blog (including those that you have chosen not to print). These briefs could be presented on between 1 and 5 boards.

Any work that cannot be presented on the blog for reasons of confidentiality, technical issues etc. should be submitted on disc (see below) and clearly identified on your module submission form.

The last posts on your blog should include

A copy of your module submission form
Your End of Module evaluation
Your Design Context response (in pdf format)
The presentation boards for each brief (in pdf format)
Any specific notes regarding your FMP.

You will also need to submit a disc containing pdf versions of the above (including any work that cannot be represented online as referred to above). This disc id for back up and archiving purposes and will be used for assessment in the event of unavoidable technical difficulties with print and production of actual boards or work.

In addition to your FMP you will need to submit your respone to the OUPD301 PPD 3 module – Design Presence. This should include

A fully up to date PPD blog containing evidence of your ongoing research into progression and preparation for employment and/or further study. You should post a copy of your PPD3 Design strategy Presentation to your Blog.

A PDF version of your portfolio and promotional material

Any promotional material designed and produced in response to this module including links to any online presence that you have generated.

This should all be submitted in a separate folder clearly labeled with your name Module code and Title. You will need to sign both modules in separately at the point of submission.


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