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5 reasons why I chose to study BA Hons Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art:

Since Seconadary school I realised all I ever wanted to do from a job was ART. I studied a Art Btec and realsied that GD was the job for me. I love the fact that all Graphic Designers are are communicaters. So I started looking around Univercities to find a perfect degree which I felt would give me the knowledge and skills I needed.
  1. The most obvious point is that I needed to learn a lot about GD. After only dabbled a bit at my former college and high school, my knowledge was and is limited.
  2. I LOVE LEEDS. Simple as, the city is vibrant and their is always a lot to do. It's more than a 'Party' city, It has hundreds of quirky shops and is local to the countryside. Balancing City life within a tight community.
  3. The first thing that drew me to LCA was the simple fact that it's a specialist College. The art environment inspires me constantly.
  4. Its a small course of 45, so you feel like you can get all the help you need.
  5. Pretty much everyone I have met within College has always been helpful and friendly (like-minded people).

5 things that you want to learn during your time on the programme:

  1. Editorial design.
  2. How to become employable.
  3. Create work that sends out a message with work I fully believe in. For example work that I believe will do 'GOOD' in the world. I do not want to be another GD'er promoting just another product.
  4. Continue to learn necessary Software skills.
  5. Make my work look sharp.
5 skills that you think are your strengths:

  1. Passion.
  2. Wanting to learn more.
  3. Illustration.
  4. Time Management.
  5. Traditonal Methods.

5 things that you want to improve:

  1. Concept building.
  2. Software skills.
  3. Turning drawings that are physical into computer based design, and make it look good. 
  4. Editorial design.
  5. Ethical design.

5 ways that you will evaluate your progress:

  1. Constantly evaluating decisions as soon as they have been made. 
  2. Asking other students opinions and the general public too.
  3. Compare my work to others to see how they are tackling the same task.
  4. Use the GD Repping Boeard more, interact with fellow students and always ask for continuous feedback.
  5. Always reflect on my work, constanly.

5 questions that you want to find the answer to:

  1. What sort of job would I like to pursue within GD.
  2. What is my strength, and which Design is my favourite to create.
  3. Who I am as a Graphic Designer.
  4. How to get my work out there.
  5. Who would be intersted in me? What audienec do I like to design for?

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