Thursday, 29 September 2011


1. What is industrial experience?
. Industrial experience is anything that I could do that links me to the Graphic Desihn work place. 
. Primarliy industrial experience makes me think of work placements, but it can also be visits to studios, compatitions set by industry. 
. It's understanding the work space or context where I hope to be working in a couple of years.
. It's gaining experience in areas of Graphic Design that cannot be taught within univercity walls.
. You get to talk to professionals and get reall answers to real questions without a glorified answer. . . you get a better version of the truth.

2. What can you learn from industrial experience?
. I don't think I can say what I can learn from experience untill I have done it myself. 
. I'm guessing that you will get a insight into how compnaies or free lancers work.
. The structure of their day.
. Knowledge in software and style. 
. I think each experienece will be vasty diffeent from the other. One compnay / free lancers could work in a rush bainstorming, where others could be more percise and thoughtful. Some may be research driven, other image driven. Right now I believe exery experinece will be different, therefore you are leraning different things all the time.

3. What form/format could industrial experience take?
. Like i said, the main form everyone thinks of immediatly is work placement, where you visit and work in a studio, or with designers for a set amount of time to feed of their creativity and see how they work. 
. Another is studio visits, pretty self explanatory. 
. Internships are a longer version of Studio vists where i would be abe to work in a company for a set amount of time being able to see how the company runs for a longer period. I would also be able to contribute more towards GD work.
. Helping with a freelance designer and working as a collaboration.
. Gaign contacts and asking GD's for help and advice. Just general chit chat.

4. What areas of industry are you interested in?
. I love the screen print aspect of Graphic Design, I love handmade textures and the uniqueness of it all.
. I really think my main dirrect is editorial Graphics. So for me visiting screen printers (studio on fire) or a GD magazine or layout company would be my experinece of choice. 
. I have reciently taking a massive liking towards branding.
. I have also enjoyed packaging and learning about all the different pritning techniques.
. I always though i LOVED to draw and illustartion was for me, but since learning about Typography from Graham and reading some books. I feel illustartion is taking more of a backseat and the prospects of TYPOGRAHY seem more exciting and a future career.

5. What are your concerns about industrial experience?
. My main concern is that I think its so intimadating trying to find one. 
. I dont like a lot of my work, so I dont think companies / freelancer's will rate it, meaning I wont get a placement or a visit. This is the main thing that is holding me nack at the moment. 
. I also have no idea how to 'apply' for experimence or what is the best way to gain contact.
. I feel i don't even know what I want to do, so why should i look around a copany and pursuade them that I want to work ther or have a keen interest.
. NO MONEY. I want to live aboard when I am older.

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