Saturday, 22 October 2011

Enterprise task FIVE

1. I am a Graphic Designer with a specialism in Layout.
2. I am learning more and more about typography and see myself focusing on this in the near future.
3. I am researching Design companies everyday to carry on understanding what I want at the end of this degree.
4. I am constantly looking to improve my design, software skills.
5. I know I want to work for a smaller company whn leaving univercity as there it is small enough to ahve a large part in a project and work on one at a time. With a sense of community.
6. I will keep looking at layout and type trends to see what direct it is going into.
7. I wil start to work on my business card and start to brand myself.
8. I will carry on researching into creative CV's to see what sort of CV I would like to create.
9. I will now look inot my olf univercity work to see which work would be appropiate for a CV.
10. I will aslo look into promoting myself on my own website and behance. I have already just set up a esty to sell work I made for a Pop Up shop. 

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