Friday, 21 October 2011

Enterprise Task ONE


A list of all client groups creating Graphic Design:
Packaging Design
Music Industry
Environmentally Involved
Branding (small company)
Branding (corporate)
At the moment I am interested in several different areas, and I really have no idea which route I want to choose, but I'm guessing they blend into each other?
Anyway I have an interest in: Editorial, Illustration, Environmental design and the subject of Charity (as I think most of design for charity is really bad). But for this task I will focus on Editorial.

What skills / interests you have and how they relate to the needs of your client group?

I have always LOVED books. I'm not a massive reader myself, but I love the physical being of words. It sounds odd but I think there us some beautiful that books were used ages ago long before blogs and Internet, it was and still is a way of 'living on' very concrete and everlasting.  I'm a harder of EVERYTHING, my life is a mess. I find it hard to organize all the things I kept 'just incase' I need them. I LOVE second hand stores. I go into Oxfam once every week and always buy a book, last week I found a crazy hardback, embossed and foiled book on animals published in 1972.
So nice. So I appreciate the older styles of layout. I'm also interested in upto date layout, looking at as many magazine and books as possible.
My newfound love being LOOK BOOKS.
Don't get me wrong I don't hate everything digital, far from it. I think I have an eye for layout, which is one of my skills, this also helps with photography. 
I don't have massive strengths in this area yet and by no means am I saying I'm an expert. So I'm learning and trying hard at the moment.

What skills are needed and what skills do you want to develop?

I guess for editorial it all depends on your brief. If you’re working in a well-known magazine company, your going to have to know the rules of their layout, their grind and abide by it. Where as if your working on a separate brief designing a 50 page layout on 'how to train your dog' the layout is more your own, you have control. So you will HAVE to know the rules of layout and depending if you want to, break them in a successful WOW way.

I already have an eye for layout; I feel I have an intuition on where things should go and what 'looks right' on the spreads. 
I want to learn SO MUCH MORE. As much as possible. All the rules of Layout. Past layout trends. And the future of Design Layout. So much I want to learn.
Obviously I have to get to grips with software and learn how to use it to it's maximum potential. Another thing I need to master.
Throughout this, I would also like to be involved in Illustration, Environmental design work and maybe on personal level be involved in world issues.

What are your professional/creative aims and how do they relate to the needs of the client group?

My aims at the moment is to 'make the most' out of University. Sometimes I find it had to focus on one thing at once when I have so much to do and outside of uni a lot of things going on. I think I've mastered the social aspect of uni now. 
I think I want to graduate with a career in a design agency, not too big so I feel out of place and lost, probably a smaller company that I feel I will get the best experience out of. It would be amazing to start designing and getting my work out into the world.
So I guess now and this year I need to start living and breathing layout. I need to focus on learning the rules and explore technology. I will start by finding layout that I am passionate about and strive to produce.

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