Monday, 30 January 2012

Student Unions target audience

Leeds University Union
job link

maybe have a link on their website at this point, for us to be a link to the students a way of  advertising them in our zines, so they can get recognised and get their work out their.

Maybe advertise on the front page of the website. 
probably have to pay.

advertise to students

We can help you reach over 32,000 students in Leeds

We're a charity, and the money that we raise through advertising and sponsorship is used to run a series of advisory and representation services that support 33,000 students through university.
To discuss your advertising needs please contact Louise Hartley, tel: 0113 3801394 or
representing yourself - showing our brand here as a way of helping students.

Maybe get advertising in graduation packages, or at graduation, leading upto graduation.

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