Sunday, 26 February 2012

Communication Mix

3 ways: 
Personal selling (in store and events)


Open buisness hours having 2 membors of the buisness in at a time to assist in sales, answer phones and print artists work ready to be sold.

selling at craft fairs and exhibitions 

As well as selling our stock in stores, we also trevel the country selling our products in craft fairs (seen on Sophies blog) This will get our company a wider audience giving us a bigger fan base as well as making connections with other designers and companies similar to ourselves. Through this we would meet new designers and constant prospect of new clients to sell for.

advertising- paper based around leeds, in SU's around the country, and social networking...

We aim to have a strong link with the student art and design community in Leeds this will naturally come with our location in the heart of their everyday life. We will also print our papr information to advertise ourselves, but will mainly work along side universities as a way to advertsise graduate students current students. 
We have researched into each university: LCA, LCM, Leeds university and Leeds Met and they have all said if this bisniess was made a reality we could advertise within their universities, because they feel students would benifit from our practice. 
WE could hold events and exhibitions in our store to again create a aura about Book Klub and our artists and designers. Obviuosly at the end of first year we will have our one year Zine to show our potential customers our sucess. 

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