Friday, 24 February 2012


Analysis of 3 companies:


on the wall website:

'On the Wall' is obviously good at what it does, it already has a existing audience of people who like design and artists. Working as a shop selling prints, posters, frames and postcards similar to our plan gives it a income, but most importantly it is a studio spce, you can hire out upstairs including its equipment as a phototgraphy studio, which gives the company a solid second form of income. 
It is located in the centre of the City with a massive number of potential customers walking past everyday. 
It is also well known in the art / design world, people know what 'on the wall' is and where it is.
A really fitting brand name.
The place is set out like a art gallery, ftting to 'on the wall' and creating the feeling or aura around art.

However for someone new to the city or does not know where or what wall gather is it is not advertised to the best of my knowledge. It is also placed in the most expensive part of leeds near Call Lane which would defer students away. Some of the prices seen steep for a students budget too.
I'm presuming the costs to own or rent this building is massive because of it's prime location.

They have a good link with artists who sell their work with them so this could be used to both of there adavantage. 'On the wall' could branch out and sell other work by the artists gettting more profit and giving to artists a wider oppertunity to get their work out there.
They could also split the studio space so it could be used as a photography studio, and placed to paint or design using macs or as a exhibition space.

People not being able to afford luxeries in life like paintings and posters.
Now a days posters are easy to come by and there are alo of cheap knock-offs.

They could maximise their income by strenghing the bond with the artist comunitiy and focusing on helping them get all their work seen: selling it and exhibitions in the studio space.

Withe the SO's it would be easy to avoid the weeknesses, with such a strong link with the art community and the customers who purchase art 'On the Wall' would benifit with no weaknesses.

Their marketing audiences that are not students aswell so the thres are not that relevant. Thye could make smaller versions of prints, therefore they would be cheaper. They could also intoduce student discounts.

With the strenghs of the audiences and the strong link between the arts comunity and it's buyers this will not turn into a threat.

Test Space stall in the coin exchange website:

'Testspace' is quite a big name in the arts and crafts scene in Leeds. 
It sells work with a commison to the artists, especially in these shops design is handed in and the artists has to do no work what so ever in promoting itself, Test Space will do everything and earns a 30% comission for every artwork sold.
Linked with sucessful artists in Leeds and surounding areas, also always looking for new talents. Also massive links with the market that love artists work.
Good reputation with the customers and the artists whose work are being sold.

Alot of the pop-up shops showcase work by the same people, the same work. So the artists are normally always the same and very similar work is sold. 
It is quite a small shop that new designers are not regularly introduced so not a great link with up-coming artists. Manily artists that are already quite esablished.
The pop-up shop is only tempory and not advertised a lot.

They have such a massive market of art students that just want their work shown that they caould make events that are just dedicated to up-coming artists and show-case their work, selling designs and connecting them with the customers the artists want to reach.

People may become bored of seeing the same work and artists shown. 
The ocation is tempory, so people who enjoy the work will not be able to see the space grow and evolve.

Village zines website:

blog post
Sophies blog post

Selling and producing books from local and international designers gives them a massive market and a great outreach. 
Deveolping a community through event, talks and workshops.
Supporting local artists projects.
New company, fresh ideas.
They have pledgers to back their new business.
Thre is a real gap in the market for this sort of business. 

The shop is not open yet so it is impossible to know for sure if this will work and grow.
Plus on the funded website sponsume, Village got £597 grant, but the wanted £5000.

Building great links with the art and design communities in leeds. Working alongside todays young artists means the well-known / famous arts and designers of tomorrow. 

The market may not have a place for it.
It might not be advertised enough, I found out about them through facebook. 
Th location could be too far away from the arts community

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