Friday, 24 February 2012

Pest anaylsis of BOOK KLUB


Political - there are no political implications with Book Klub that are really obvious or very likely to happen. Our company are political neautral, the work we may sell or stock could be offence to others as they would be the opinion of the artists themselves.  We will not promote ways of thinking, to do with anything with the government. 
If the government changes the tax amount our company would be effected like every other buisness.
The government will have no issue with Book Klubs ethical desissons as the majority of work sold will be from local deisngers, we have no part in anything like slave trade or 'dodgy dealings'.
Book Klub does not voice it's own opinion on matters such as religion, goverment topics, gender, etc.
The government is no involved in any of our trading agreements.

Economical - factors barely effect us because we do not trade across countries or to a wide audience. So topics like interest rates and inflation of Employment are not relevant. As a company our store will always be small, maybe for the future if we are extremely sucessful we would look into opening new stores in other cities with the same buisness plan. However, we would always be a small buisness selling in the local comunity.

Social - England is a multicultural socioty so anything we do will affect the coutries citizens. After doing some reasearch the majority of England still class themselves as Christian, then in order Muslim, Hindus and 7 million saying they have no religion. On top of this there are smaller relgions: Buddist, Sikis, Balism, Islam, etc. The work we sell may offend the public but they are the voices of our designers, obviously we would not sell stock that we deem is too extreme, but we are not overcausious, we are definatly tongue in cheek.
The audience we are aiming for are people who have a intesrt in deisgn from talented artists, so what language they speak is irrelevant, presumably our audience definatly speak english as they would not understand anything we do.

Technology - Espcially for us technology is a vital competative advantage, and is a major driver of globalisation of any buisness. We will use printing technology to create our stock and the internet to promote ourselves with social media. We do not need to worry about this because our company is not constntly needing new technology so really technology is not a issue once we have it. Apart from advertising ourselves and our stock we sell the internet has no other use. The printer is there to perform a task and will be used until it breaks.

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