Monday, 12 March 2012

TSTO / Finnland / T3

tsto is short for 'Office' in Finnish.
The company is made up of Uotila and five of his close friends from The University of Art and Design in Helsinki, now known as Aalto University.

ANTTI UOTILA is a designer for TSTO (a really great illustrator)

In short they are:  6 designers creating ideas & visualising them to define and communicate the clients identity and message. 

A small business who clearly have a unique style and know what they want to design.
This must get them clients as they are assertive and would listen to clients, they seem very professional (especially their website).

They probably will not have tons of facilities, but I doubt they need that. 
They could loose business because they have a uniform look, but that would be commercial business they would not want to design for anyway.

The business is 6 people, they are all friends. I cannot think of anything better, the opportunities they must give each other must be amazing. I can imagine if anyone wants to do something they will be backed in their decision, this gives them all room to grow as designers.

Larger companies could steal clients. 

I LOVE THESE GUYS. It really gives me hope that designers can exist in the business with their own spin on design and it can be a living.

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