Monday, 12 March 2012

Coöp / Melbourne, Aus / T3

co-oponline in Melbourne, Australia

Coöp is a design studio founded in 2004 of just sole designer Paul Marcus Fuog. Constraints are explored in optimistic and creative ways resulting in inventive new directions. Current and informed of the world. He has lasting partnerships with creative and commercial clients, government and educational institutions. Paul is an active member of the design community.

I love his work, I just with he was a studio, right now I feel i need a studio to grow and understand more about myself as a designer. Such a great inspiration though.

YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS, literally. The amount of freedom he must have within idea boundaries would just be to budget. You can set your working hours and the profits are yours to do with what you want.
Everything you do is something that directly affects the business, you are the business, the feeling with this must be great, but terrifying. The sense of pride would be astounding.
His work does not look like it was made by one person, yes it has it's own style, but the professionalism and the sheer volume of it is crazy. Not every project looks the same, they all have concepts and it is not just the same design regurgitated. You can see Paul's real dedication simply in that fact that he pulls this off, and he does it better than good.

It could be hard to find business, without his ties with past clients he would have struggled. He must also be good a socializing and to have a deep root within the design community must be essential too.
If he is ill or something un-controllable happens, the studio will stop to a holt, this could be seen by clients as a reason to not employ him. The stress of this would be massive.

The opportunity to work with what clients you wish.
Self dependent means he can do what he wants to the amount of opportunities is endless.

Studios with more staff that would have a quicker turn-over time.
Just one man.

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