Monday, 12 March 2012

Marque / London, NY, Glasgow / T3

Marque creative work collectively across three studios; London, New York, Glasgow. Featured is the identity work for the Scottish Natural Heritage

Marque: is a branding agency specialising in positioning, identity and communications. Bringing energy, dedication and sensitivity.

They are big, with 3 studios they know what they are doing works.
All the branding they do is not the same, it doesn't have the same style which is exactly what branding studios should be, they truly listen to the client and take on their needs and as they say focus in on the brands qualities they have to offer, to produce a branding which is all about the brand. This means they showcase the brand for what they are. 
The work they produce is high end and for high class companies, this could be seen as a pro or con, but the same sort of client every time could be tiresome, or mean each time the employers learn something new which means they will continue to improve.

I can't really think of many, I suppose it depends on how much staff they have and if they feel like they are allowed creative freedom. With larger agencies the freedom seems to be lacking.

They have the opportunity to work with big brands and re-invent them. This must be exciting to learn so much about one brand then move onto another, variation is a great opportunity to learn more.

Being so big, they must keep steady work, something which I do not doubt they do. 
Will branding be enough?

Me personally, I would not like to just work for a studio who does branding as it is not my favourite part of design. Marque are great at what they do and it is something I would like to be better at, I feel I can learn a lot from looking at their work.

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