Monday, 12 March 2012

Creative Spark / Manchester T3


Fine Lines. RE.branding of local band.

Creative Times.
A journal released quarterly with over 6,000 Manchester based creatives in. 
Designed the front cover.

Trafford Library:
Placements - 
Manchester Office: Creative spark, 1st Floor, 22 Lever St, Manchester, M1 1EA
London Office: Creative spark, Studio 14, Blackstock Mews, London N4 2BT,
Leeds Office: Creative spark, MWB Leeds, 1 Whitehall, Whitehall Rd, Leeds, LS1 4HR

Claire and Neil - contact for marketing - 01612358558 -

Being massive means the work flow would never be quite, there must always be something to be doing. 
Also a great location.

It seems that in a place this bi some people might be sacrificing what they want to do and what they think the client needs, for what the client has asked for. I can imagine that sometimes the atmostphere would not be as creative as some may like. 
My opinion on this is that at the end of the day. It is a job and you take the good with the bad. However, the work they produce is impressive and I feel like it is more a opinion of character as weather they would prefer to work here or in a smaller more specialised business. 

If the studio is a friendly and community based as they say it should be easy to work across the board and improve on other skills you don't already have.
Also with such big and well known clients employers can work with smaller companies too, creating a range of work and working with a broad range of clients.

I can't think of a threat for a business like this, it seems like they are too big to collapse, but I suppose they could get into a rut about taking on briefs and completely theme in the same style. I imagine that is a easy trap to fall into, kepping things mixed up must be harder when you have such a big workforce.

I much prefer their work under 'Play' section on their website this work is brilliant. However their 'work' section is much more commercial making album covers for RnB albums including Now. I'm guessing this is where the big money comes from and the fun design is less revolving around money. A lovely well rounded company.

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