Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Evaluation OUCE255

What skills have I developed through this brief and how have I applied them?
This module has been crazy, it was like having tons of information thrown at you and trying to rememebr all of it. I feel I have learnt a lot about general buisnesses ans roughly how they run. The most shocking part for me was learning about how much I cost to live in a year.
Sophie did most of the finacial research into this brief, but I did the SWOT, PESTs and the mixed communication analysis aswell. In this area I feel I have been more analytical in critiqing other companies after knowing how they work. I would not feel comfortable setting up a company from scratch now by myself, but I feel that I know a lot about what is needed and what would be done to make it a possibility.

What approch to method of design production have you developed and how have they informed your deisign development process?
On a personal level I do not think I have developed any new design skills. For me this brief was a great way to collaborate with other design students and to learn how they work on a brief and the ineration in that sense.

What strengths can you identify with your work?
My favourite part of this brief was working with Chris on the zine as this was the design aspect of the brief. I always want to improve on my layout skills and this was a fun creative thing to do, as I have already made a few zines myself. I also enjoyed making a typeface for the artists work to be sold, I studied native american at one point and found them very interesting so this is where that inspiration came from. 
I also think I am quite good at working as a group as when Sophie had too much fiance to do she gave me a few odd jobs that lessened her load.

What weaknesses, and how can they be avoided in the future?
I do not feel I have a great grasp on all the fiances and the detail we had to go into confused me too much. I think If I had the chance to do this again I would try and split the fiance with Sophie 50 / 50 so we shared it and I would understand everyting a lot more. However, right now I have no need to set up my own buisness so I do not regret not rememebering as much. 

Five things I will do diffferently:
1. research quicker into what sort of company we wanted to be, this way we would get to the fun stuff quicker and have longer time on this.
2. try and be more orthorative within the group, as I was ill for quite a bit I feel because I wasn't resent my roles were just given to me sometimes. I don't really mind that much.
3. be more involved in designing.
4. give enterprise a bit more authority over other briefs sometimes, as it did take theback burner in the first month of having the brief.
5. I think we as a group could have set up a small event on reflection to sell everything we proposed to see if we could make a profit, and for fun.

Attendence 3
Puncuality 4
Motivation 4
Commitment 4
Quality of work produced 4
Quantiy of work produced 3
Contribution to the group 3

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