Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Music / Manchester T3

email craig@designbymusic.com

We’re Music: a deliberately small, naturally independent creative agency.
Our ideas give new life to brands, and help people communicate more powerfully.
To contact us:
phone on +44(0)161 203 6404
fax on +44(0)161 203 6405
send Sue an email (for clients)
send Craig an email (for students)
or call in at 84 Silk Street, Manchester m4 6bj

Being small is defiantly a strength in some ways, it means the business is tight knit. I feel that I would prefer this as I would feel like I made much more of a difference being there and my design input would be more important and valued. The work that you do is immediately incorporated into the studio, and you feel that how well you do your job directly contributes to the success of the business.

It seems like in a smaller company the relationship between the client and designers/ studio is so much stronger and there is more a chance to develop the design with the client. It's not so much churning work out to get it done, to get paid. More doing good design that exceeds what they ask, finding problems, addressing them, and fixing them.

A great location in the centre of Manchester a massive artist city in the North of England, and near from my home Bolton.

One of the cons of Music is potentially it might be harder to get business, harder to be noticed and the lack of funding could be a issue. Usually small businesses have smaller clients, which in mt opinion is way more interesting.

Less resources, because they are smaller. 

I feel like they would have more of a creative input into the design industry and could become well known within it's own niche circles.

In a smaller company like Music I feel you would be noticed more so the opportunity for your growth is so much more likely, rather than be lost within the names, you are a crucial part of a team and will have to space to grow. Music seems like a very tight-knit company. 

The economy has a part to play in this one. I feel that if you had a good client base and well known like Music the studio will be fine amongst the credit crunch. But other companies the same size and just starting out could have problems with having little work.

Bigger companies are a huge threat as they seem more impressive and to say you have a back-log of work for massive well-known brands would win a client. However I think Music has more, it has a personality and a style. Somewhere I would defiantly like to visit / work in the future.

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