Friday, 4 May 2012

tuesday / T4

OH NO, was my first thought.
Based on John and Jane's feedback from the group tutorials, I can formally announce that Tuesday 8th May is D-Day. You will need to be in studio 2 at 9.30 and and will not be permitted to leave until you have provided evidence of your contacts with professional designers, design studios and professional organisations/events in response to the PPD2 Module. 

John and Jane will be available all day to discuss and support your initial contacts, advise you on how to follow up/chase up those who have/haven't responded ......and generally make significant progress on your own individual design strategy.

Bring along all work/information and evidence relating to this task and make sure your PPD blog is up to date.

You may wish to discuss the content of your presentation, your personal brandig etc. but you will only leave the studio when you have a plan and a list of contacts.
My second was better get busy.

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