Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Beautiful Meme / York / T3

the beautiful meme: we craft ideas for brands who love to be noticed. 
The agency when brands are ready to change.

I remember the Creative Director coming into LCA when I was in first year. I have heard 2 talks by them and I really like them. They have a great ethos an it is interesting to hear how they work with a creative director and a copy writer, they go hand-in-hand.

They know what they are and who they are aimed for, their website is direct and to the point, a great strength.

They are very focused, which is good, but this means that their clients are very specific to brands that want a change. They have been around for long enough to have a great business.

They have a strong team and a great ethos and from when I have heard them speak they are very persuasive and sure of themselves. This sort of positivity makes great opportunities. They always speak about doing more for the client and thinking outside the box.


They are in York, it is a old town and not very central to anything.

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