Friday, 1 June 2012

Social Networking T6

This is defiantly something I need to be better at, I think I have always found Twitter annoying, I'm not a fan or Tumblr or Behance. I do not think I need Tumblr or behance, but I set them up non the less. 
However, when I was on my placement at andpartners, James (one of the designers) said Twitter is the most important thing the internet brought us. He has spoken to tons of design studios and creative directors through it, he said it was also a great way to get yourself noticed, your work and your views. I promise myself this summer I will become a Twitter fan and Tweet to my hearts content.
Pinterest is just a easy way for me to keep organised, I see something on the internet I can pin it immediately and it's there.

I have a website:
I have a pinterest:
I have twitter: #sarahlrobertsgd
I have tumblr:
I have behance:

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