Saturday, 21 July 2012


I had a interview with Craig today from Music

After going into Manchester a week earlier and Craig not being there, I was hopeful that when we did meet it would be worth while.
On my second day of placement at raw I met Craig in Starbucks and we spoke over my portfolio. 
I was nervous, I spoke through my work for about 15 minutes with lots of questions asked, hard questions like... "how can these too pieces of design be created by the same person?" "this seems effortless and free (native zine) and this (recycle) type of work seems like it took hours to get exact and perfect". 
Such hard questions.
After making me sweat he told me that he wanted to buy one of my zines and this it is the favourite thing in my portfolio and that is why I got a interview.
He wanted to see me combine my drawing and free effortless drawing with hard nose typography and layout... a hard thing to ask or approach to do. 

He said my portfolio was strong and I stood out. 
He said he wants me at a placement, but they are moving studios at the moment. 
I am also working at the bank full time now. 
So hopefully I will have a placement in September.

Fingers crossed.
Football Museum / Urbis, Manchester  Music designed the promotion and signage. Their latest massive project... It's even displayed in Bolton train station.

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