Saturday, 21 July 2012


2 weeks at raw

I loved raw before I went and I love it more now I left. I only hope I can get a job somewhere like it when I graduate. Such lovely people and a great working atmosphere. All day listening to music working and it felt like chatting to friends. Once a week every tuesday one person makes food for everyone. 

I really can't say enough kind words about the raw team. Paid travel expenses too with cash to spare with was a lovely bonus.

Day one:
met Tom Heaton at 8:30am. 
We chatted for a while on the picnic bench. Then we talked over my portfolio, he said some very kinds words. Said my portfolio looked like a strong graduating students. Very flattered. 
I started work on a new brief for Raw that would be pitched on the last friday of my visit. 

The first week:

The 2nd week:

The final day:
We won the pitch! I cannot say who it was for, as raw are not allowed to say at the moment, but it's exciting stuff. Left the studio at 6pm with the invite to go back whenever I wanted. I promised too keep in touch and now I have twitter.

What I learnt:
most importantly, securing my opinions form my easter placement that university doesn't mean to much to me. 
the more you put in the more you get out.
if i do just work that I like and I feel comfortable with I wont get anywhere.
experimentation is essential.
There are so many graduates that I have to stand-out.
I need to learn more short-cuts and become a expert on Ai. 
I want to learn html coding and how to make drawings Digital and still in my style.
But most importantly and this is quite cheesy.... some people in industry think I'm good. So I'm not too bad!

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