Saturday, 19 January 2013

Designer Websites: Influence

Happy Monday : Canada
Happy Monday is a selective group of passionate design geeks, UX specialists, developers, strategists, and writers who thrive to deliver the best-in-class interactive experience for users, brands and products. The site is under construction but their logo looks amazing, following them on twitter... hope they're work is great!
Heydays, one of my favourite design studios, and one of my favourite website. I love the subtleties of there website, their logo disappears from the centre of the page when the mouse isn't being used. A very well though out website that takes a lot of consideration of layout and order of work.

Built By Buffalo : Brighton
A small web and developer company in Brighton, seem like friendly guys. As they say on their website they design simple but attractive websites (although I would have liked to see a thicker font used for the body copy on their website). I like their logo and the tone of voice they use. Their website is also re-sizable.

You probably think I'm obsessed and I am. When I first saw this website I didn't like the look of it, it looked too much like boring code... but it cleverly uses shapes to link to corresponding briefs  art direction is a star, a poster is a square, etc. A very nice way of organising design. However I personally think it is hard to know if you like a brief until you click on the name, so to views the whole site you have to view all 41 links.

Spin: London
A very simple website, but one that showcases a lot of work in one space synchronizing with the left side project names. I would prefer to see all of the projects on one page.
Tsto: Helsinki, Finland
Tsto is one of my favourite deign studio and they have a very nice website.
Forma & Co: Barcelona
Forma & Co are one of my new favourite design studios and they have a really nice website. I like how it sort of looks like a tumblr page (homepage) and the layout of each project looks very similar to Heydays. It helps that they do great design too.

Hyperkit: London
Ever since finding the Ideal Candidate I have loved Hyperkit's work. There website is nice and simple, I love the layout of the homepage, very easy to navigate and show of their design skills well. The photographs in each briefs are the same size and in the same place, not fancy layout. They also have a newsletter page that it pretty impressive. But, the sight is not responsive. Images also take a while to load.

A MA student that I have just recently found, with a great website. The website is responsive and has great use of opacity. It also have a scroll down for info, which I really like. I also  really like the photograph layout and the white background. It definitely does the job! 

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