Monday, 21 January 2013

Etching business cards

Day 1
How to make a Etching plate
Print design onto acetate.
Sand the copper plate on the side with the least lesions with circular motions.
Wash with washing up liquid.
(Dry)Blot with newspaper print.
Use the blue foil thing with the rolling machine, Peel the first protective layer off, and face down on the sanded side of the copper plate. Roll through once, roll through again turning it 90 degrees.
Peel off the top layer.
Attach the design on acetate the wrong way around, expose for 11 light seconds.
Take the acetate of and submerse in Sodium Chloride (soapy water) wipe with a sponge every 30 secs.
When the intended logo is clear, blot with newspaper print.
Paint over any places that maybe weaker using black acrylic ink.
Attach to a butt flop when dry.
Dangle in a Etching bath for 6 hours.

Day 2
After 3 things wrong with my screen, all to do with either the last image staying on too long, or the new image not being strong enough. I had to strengthen the screen with a special ink and expose the screen again. 
Toady I printed my Daniel Chappell Business cards and my info side to my business card. 
I then had to cut them out, Niel showed me to cut a window so the crop marks did all of the measuring. 
I then had to press my cards using my copper plate.
I had 30 complete business cards. 
I them screen printed and etched 30 more.

... 12hours later. 60 duplex screen printed business cards with my logo de-bossed on one side.

I am very proud of my outcome, although they took so long to make I think they are professional and the time has paid off. This is the start of my professional branding. I can't wait to expand this further. I have 60... so I can start handing them out. I can send one to each studio I will write to for Design Context and D&AD Make your Mark.

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