Thursday, 7 June 2012


Unfortunately I couldn't do this date as I will be in Kos.

Craig has emailed me back since and I will visit on the 25th of June at 6pm with my printed portfolio.... to say I've nervous is a understatement.

RAW said some very kind things:
Afternoon Sarah,

Apologies for the late reply – we've been (and still are) incredibly busy, so replying to students and graduates has slipped to the bottom of my things to do.

Thanks ever so much for sending your details through (and for the kind words) – you have a strong portfolio, especially for a 2nd year student. I'm sure we could spare some time over the summer. Our creative director is currently on holiday, however I'll have a chat with him when he returns and see what we can offer you.


PS. If I don't get back to you within the next couple of weeks, just give me a nudge.

Tom Heaton
Senior Designer

So fingers crossed.

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